L2Mutiny - Lineage II High Five

New Features

L2Mutiny present to you two new features:

Farmable Epic Jewles

New farmable epic jewel broken fragments can be obtained/farmed at specific areas in L2Mutiny. After obtaining 100 fragments you can trade them to NPC ingame for the real Epic jewel.read below

Areas and monsters droping the broken fragments:

Dragon Valley: All the Scouts

Lair of Antharas: Dragon Knight Warrior, Maluk Sniper, Drake Leader, Bloody Karik

Seed of Annihilation: All Elite Monsters

Hellbound: Arcane Watchman, Cosmic Priest

Garden of Eva > Party Area Hard: Doll Master, Guarden Guard Leader

1. Broken Fragments of Bosses cannot be Equipped they are just used as Currency to be Exchanged.
2. Broken Fragments of Bosses cannot be Exchanged or Sold.

Introducing Ancient Enchant Scrolls

L2Mutiny present to you 4 new scrols for enchanting weapons and armors safely. read below

Monsters dropping the scrolls and scroll pieces:

Full Drop: Raid Boss - Freya Hard, Son of Baium, Corrupted Beast

Drop Pieces: Lair of Antharas - Knoriks

Spoil Pieces:Garden of Eva - Corrupted Spawn

1. You need 10 Anciend armor/weapon Scroll Pieces in order to trade on NPC for real Scroll.
2. In order to achieve that feature and balance it properly we evolved our enchant rates as Dynamic(Bigger the enchant of the weapon harder next enchant will be)

Have Fun Exploring with L2Mutiny.