L2Mutiny - Lineage II High Five

Twitch Reward System

Twitch Reward Mass:

Twitch reward system for mass rewards. You can earn rewards by watching L2Mutiny official stream channel.

Reward:Depending on how many people are watching mass rewards of Festival Adena will be given.

Twitch Reward Personal:

Hello fellow streamers! Nice news for you too. Three stage rewards for streaming with L2Mutiny.

The requirement:
In order to qualify for reward you must have a L2Mutiny in your stream name and your stream to be Live

How to get rewards:
Typing command .stream "streamername". You can disable streamrewards at any time with .streamoffcommand.

The reward:
First stage require live stream: Streamer Defence Buff(15% P.Def./M.Def.)
Second stage require 15 viewers: Streamer Defence + Streamer Attack(10% P.Atk./M.Atk. 5% Atk.Spd./Cast.Spd.)
Third stage require 30 viewers: Streamer Defence/Attack + Premium Account

NOTE: All rewards will cease(stop) the moment your stream is not live or dont have name L2Mutiny in streamname.

You can explore ingame. Have fun with L2Mutiny!