L2Mutiny - Lineage II High Five

Improved Vote Reward System

L2Mutiny Team present you our reworked Vote reward system.

Below you can read the changes:

Vote Reward Mass:

Mass Vote Reward depends by vote count on pages listed in the website. Reaching given amount will reward all players ingame.

Vote Reward Personal:

For personal vote reward you will receive a Vote Pack witch contains: Vote Reward rune(8% P.def./M.def./P.atk./M.Atk. and 5% Adena/Exp/Sp bouns) + random reward + vote coins.

NOTE : You are able to vote every 12 hours!
Rewards For voting is Vote Coins. They Can be spend at Vote coins exclusive shop

You can explore ingame. Have fun with L2Mutiny!

Have fun explore with L2Mutiny